About Integrity Homes


Integrity Homes was founded by brothers Ramiro and Ismael after having worked under builders for over two decades.

They currently own Leyva Framing which is employed with numerous large spec home builders in the San Antonio area. While working for other builders they mastered the art of building a typical home, however weren’t satisfied with the integrity of builders. Integrity Homes was founded to build quality custom homes for hard working Americans. Integrity, attention to detail, and their desire for complete customer satisfaction are reasons for their success.

Who We Are

We are Custom home builders, General contractors and Designers in San Antonio Texas.

During the design phase, we personally, as custom home builders, manage the project from plans and preliminary design, through interior design and final touches. We create a plan to utilize any space efficiently, so that our clients could fully inhabit it. We are always taking into account the client’s lifestyle, traffic patterns, focal points and scale. Our design documents consisting professional drawing illustrating the scale and the relationship of the project components. In addition we provide three dimensional sketches and rendering to illustrate the design concepts.

Standards of Quality

Quality Custom Homes.
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Integrity Homes is known for their high standards of quality and design.

Simple Style, Modern Design and Consistently Precise


Our mission is to build “Relationships for Life” by continually improving and refining a well-organized and systematic approach to the processes required to produce a quality custom home.

To this end, the company has identified and documented each component of the design, entitlement and construction phases, generated informational tools from integrated budgeting, scheduling and accounting procedures…to bring order and accomplish the highest quality finished product…all within a controlled and predictable environment. In simple terms, our goal is to deliver homes, sensitive to neighborhood and environmental concerns, custom designed for the ultimate consumers, employing the latest technology, with budgetary discipline and schedule control. We strive to provide a consistent and positive experience for every Integrity Homes customer.

We invite you to explore our website or contact us for a consultation so we can make your dream home a reality.